The Peddler


This strange Peddler was first encountered coming out of the camp in the dead of night. He seems to sell worthless trinkets and items from his cart at extortionate prices. However, Marcus persuaded him to give some information about the Desolation as well. Despite initially stating that he did not haggle, the figure readily agreed; implying that perhaps that had been his intention, and item of sale, all along.

Meeting 1

The gold was taken and swiftly pocketed into the figure’s clothing. He handed over the entirely worthless fish to Marcus and spoke slowly and clearly. It was almost as though the figure was reciting from a book or a mantra, as though he had spoken these words dozens of times.

“Not only old dead guard Black Gates, but something greater as well. From blackest pits of pitch and bile a new guardian arose both foul and vile. Beware his breath of clinging death.”

The Peddler

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