Samuel the Doppelganger

With a heavy sigh and a suddenly straight back, the ancient man’s demeanour seems to shift before your eyes. His eyes become alert, piercing and ring slightly of contempt, while he carries himself with a great deal more grace and character than before. Its as though the personality he was pretending to be simple fell off him like a skin.

Which only seemed to add a synergistic kind of appropriateness to the physical transformation that accompanied the mental a moment later. The man grew in height, his rags falling off him as his body shifted into a pale, gaunt, grey humanoid; a narrow-headed creature so thin that the shackles simply slipped off of him.


Initially posing as a miraculous survivor of the war, “Samuel” the Doppelganger eventually revealed his true nature when subjected to a Zone of Truth spell- and made them an offer that they did not pass up.

I must apologise for the deception, but you must understand my caution, in a place such as this. I’ll attempt to predict and forestall further questions you might have so we can ease this process, hmm? I mean you no harm.

I am a Doppelganger, a shapeshifter. This place seemed to offer a likely source of shelter and thus I started to explore it, some few years ago. Alas, the Ghouls and their master claimed the Outpost and I was trapped here; and my talents do not fool the undead in the same way they fool the living. When I heard movement and the sounds of battle above, I chose a form and story that I thought would appeal to a potential band of rescuers… I seek only to finally move on from this ghastly place. I must commend your instincts though; hoodwinking individuals is a speciality of my kind.

I bear no ill plans for you and yours. Our meeting was entirely circumstantial. Sufficient time has passed for me to look into the minds of several of your number and I was eventually convinced by what I found that you will not simply murder me out of spite for my ruse; one merely motivated by my own survival.

The strange grey humanoid held out his unshackles claws placatingly, much like a merchant offering his wares.

If pity or simple empathy does not move your heart, I would offer you a boon in exchange for my freedom. You’ve seen first-hand my skills as an infiltrator and my talents for disguise and skulduggery. Permit me my freedom and I will serve you for a week in this capacity; perhaps you have allies you are unsure of, or enemies you wish to keep tabs on? Perhaps you need an inside man, or seek to impersonate someone to some end… A frame job. I care not for your motives, truly; I am not here to judge you.

Samuel’s dedication to the arts of deception, acting and skulduggery are impressive and he clearly takes a slightly perverse pleasure in fooling others-

The Doppelganger grinned at Marcus’ words.

Ah, circles of deception… it said wistfully, like a connoisseur remembering the taste of a fine wine. Such a thing is not beyond my capabilities. You will simply have to show a little faith, much as I have done so by revealing my true form.

Samuel the Doppelganger

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