“As for how you can help me; you certainly seem like capable sorts. You say you travel with a Paladin of Muir, hmm?”

“I’ll start with my story. I am Sammar of Bard’s Gate, recently installed diplomatic agent to the Camp. My masters have elected to reopen the northern trade route through the Desolation, and I have been instructed to set up an embassy here to oversee the city’s interests in such a venture. I arrived here with a caravan some weeks ago and set up facilities to serve in the interim until a caravan route could be successfully established and lucrative trade opened up. My caravan departed north not a week ago to open that route and seek valuable trade with the exotic lands of the north. They are not expected back for several months, but I fear ill fortune has befallen them.”

“Though the caravan had its own contingent of guardsmen, for added security they hired a band of ogre mercenaries led by a hill giant to safely escort them across the Desolation. As you are aware, the giant leader of that band returned in none-too-good-a-shape and without his ogre warriors. It is too soon for the giant to have escorted the caravan all the way across the Desolation and already returned to the Camp. Therefore, I fear the worst.”

“It is my understanding that you are adventurers who seek to enter the Desolation anyway. All I ask is that you search for the lost caravan and return with any survivors or news of its fate if there are none. For this task I can assure you that you will be richly rewarded by my government. Bard’s Gate is a rich and powerful city with vast wealth from its commerce. It knows how to repay those who give it assistance. Please, will you help me?”

A relative newcomer to the camp, the highly agitated and nervous Bards Gate Ambassador does not seem to be a natural fit for the hive of viciousness and villainy that the camp consists of. Nevertheless, he has promised a great reward for finding the fate of the caravan sent north to establish new trade with the forgotten northern lands.


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